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Blue River Air Conditioning is your one-stop-shop for all your air conditioning needs. Whether you’re looking for help with something minor service or repair  or need an experienced professional to install air conditioning for your home or office, we are ready to handle it all. CONTACT US  for your free estimate.

Best Air Conditioning Installation Service in Sydney

The importance of Air conditioner:

Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of a modern house or office. In this atmosphere of global warming, the temperature is expected to rise gradually. Life without an air-conditioner is difficult and shall get even tougher in the future. Air conditioners maintain the right amount of moisture and temperature in a room improving air quality significantly. Installing air conditioning is an ideal way to ensure that your family members or your employees are working in a comfortable environment thereby working with better efficiency and giving higher productivity. You do not have to worry about dehydration, sweating, dust, dirt, etc. post installing an air conditioner.

Specialist in Air Conditioning Installation

Blue River Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration is one of the foremost names in Wahroonga when you think of air conditioning installation near you. We are well equipped to handle all kinds of air conditioners right from the basic home air conditioners to large commercial air conditioners that have a large number of parts. We have the experience of installing air conditioners of all leading brands thereby helping you remain cool even during peak hot days.

Blue River Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration has become a household name as the best air conditioning installation and service provider in:

Our key goal is to provide customer satisfaction and quality services. 

Experience and Qualification

One of the reasons why Blue River Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration has been able to consistently provide high-quality air conditioning installation or air conditioning service in Sydney, Wahroonga is the experience of our technicians and servicemen. We ensure that all our technicians go through a rigorous training schedule to install and service all types of air conditioners. We train our servicemen to deal with all possible problems that are generally encountered at the home, office, or industrial level. Due to the experience that our technicians have, they are confident in repairing even the most complex air conditioning equipment or air ducts.

Superior Customer Service

We believe in a high degree of customer satisfaction and put in all our efforts to provide quality customer service to all our clients. We take up an air conditioner installation or a servicing task only if we are confident that we would be able to do full justice to the task. Unless we are confident that we would be able to service or repair an air conditioner on time, we do not take up any task. This punctuality and discipline allow us to offer quality services to our clients who become our repeated clients. In fact, a good portion of the customers have signed up for Annual maintenance contracts with us for their air conditioning equipment

Cost Effective

Because we have a large scale of operation, we can price our services at extremely competitive prices making us one of the most cost-effective service providers in the Wahroonga region.

Services for all kinds of repairs

We not only provide servicing to air conditioning but also provide our repairing services. We are a one-stop solutions provider for repairing air conditioners. We are equipped with genuine spares of all leading brands of air conditioners. So, if you have a leakage problem, gas leakage problem, or low cooling problem, we know how to clean the correct filters and reset your air conditioner to working as if new.

So, if you want to install a new air conditioner or look out for someone to repair/service your air-conditioner, contact us.