Blue River Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration - Our Services

Heater Repair

A dysfunctional heater can exude dangerous gases or fumes in your home. Don’t wait, secure your family’s comfort and safety now by availing our heater repair services - we can tend to most common gas heaters such as room heaters, hot water systems, and more.

Commercial System Installation

Whenever you are opening up a new business, you need to make sure that you get the proper air conditioning installed to keep your customers and staff comfortable. Our commercial A/C installations will deliver a top to bottom solution that you can rely on.

Fan Motor Replacement

Fan motors are a crucial element used to control ventilation and air flow in many applications. If you can feel some heat or coolness from your air conditioning but no air flow and your air filters are clear, your fan motor needs replacing. 

Heat Pump Repair

In the colder months, your A/C also provides the perfect solution for achieving the ideal cosy temperature in your home. When your heating isn’t working, we can repair the heat pump of your system in no time at all. 

A/C Repair

Whether you need a full repair of your air conditioning unit or some general maintenance for more minor but stubborn issues, we can offer a service that is 100% guaranteed. We are the experts in A/C and we won’t leave until you have a running A/C that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Duct Cleaning and Repair

Poor and inconsistent ventilation can mean an increase in mould, pests or rodents. When you’re hearing noises from your air ducts or can spot some other signs of damage, we are well able to have your air ducts clean and back in ideal working order.